Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wednesday and Friday...

Is everyone still up for swimming this week? I've been out of the loop all last week with family and such, so I'm not sure what every has in mind.

Also, if anyone knows of some good water parks, let's get some of those into the rotation. I personally don't love the Mountain's Edge park, only because it is so big and hard to keep track of the kids, and we were there a couple weeks ago, and it was super busy. There's a new one opening up soon down by Flamingo and Durango, so I'll keep checking to see when that one is open, but there's got to be more around the town that are closer. We may want to find some indoor things that would be fun now that it is getting so stinkin' hot during the days. I know most of the little ones can't handle staying out for too long, so post if you have some ideas!

But, for tomorrow, let's just stick with swimming and we can talk about some other ideas then! See you tomorrow!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Free Movies at Rave Motion Theater

I was at the Rave Theater this past weekend (at Town Square) and found out that they also have free movies every Tuesday and Wednesday morning at 10am for the kids. Here is the link for more information http://www.ravemotionpictures.com/specialty/summermovies.html.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Courtyard Pool is OPEN

The courtyard pool is now open. Not to throw a loop in things but I am considering being there tomorrow around 9:30 am if anyone would like to come.


I know some have talked about going to the mountain's edge splash park for playgroup.
Other options are Preschool Storytime at Spring Valley Library at 10:30 am (they also have their year-round storytime at 2pm wich is a fairy and elf costume party this time).
We can totally swim at the Pinhurst pool, it is just really cold water, but most of the time kids don't care about this.....just the moms. If anyone wants to swim here just call me or post.
dawn 208.757.0567

Monday, June 16, 2008

Courtyard Pool Closed

The courtyard pool is still closed, so we may need to find somewhere else to go until it opens, which is still not known. I don't know if we want to meet at a water park, or use other peoples pools.

Please spread the word to all you know that don't read the blog that the Courtyard pool is closed.

Relief Society Temple Trip and Canning

Hi girls. I know this isn't about play group, but Margo asked me to spread the word about what's going on this week. Both of these activities are the same time as play group, but some of you may want to change things up a little bit this week.

The sisters are going to do a session at the Temple at 10:00 on Wednesday. Margo's girls, Rachel and Brittney, are volunteering to babysit for anyone who wants to go. Meet at the church at 9:15 to carpool and we will go to lunch after the session. This would be a nice break from the kids if you have the chance to go.

Also, on Friday from 9:00- 1:00 they are doing demonstrations at the church on canning butter and making mayonaise and salad dresssings. There will also be a canner available and you can purchase food storage items to can for your family. Let Margo know what you want by Thursday- she will be picking it up at the cannery. You can bring your kids and Margo also said she would bring salad and we could eat the dressings we make! The more the merrier! Call Margo if you have any questions- 253-0849.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

puppet show

sorry for the dissapointment...but i think you had to of signed up for the show in advance b/c they had limited space. --we signed up for it 2 weeks ago...but maybe if you called they would still be letting people sign up. correct me if i'm wrong anjie.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Traveling Tales Puppet Show

Some of us (okay, so just Katherine and I) have been going to storytime at the Spring Valley Library every week. On Monday, June 16th, we found out they are having a "Traveling Tales Puppet Show" there at 2 p.m. I don't really know what it entails but we have really enjoyed their story time and other activities. So come if you'd like to join us!

See you mommas later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sarah just sent me the link to the gallery from playgroup yesterday. Everyone has super cute kids! I'll add the link so everyone can go see them.

Sarah is going to print them all in 4x6 and we'll get them to all to you tomorrow or Sunday. I'm sure that you will all want some enlargements, so I'll add her email address so you can contact her.

See you all at the pool tomorrow!


Here's the link. Just click on "Access Gallery" at the top, and then use the password "playgroup"


Sarah's email is sgphotography@cox.net for those of you who want to order enlargements. I have some of my kids, and they are definitely worth it. :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playgroup on Wednesday

Hi Girls! Sorry for not posting an update earlier. It's been a pretty nutty week so far!

Anyway, we are doing the pictures tomorrow. (10am at the church.) It should be really fun. Sarah is going to bring a white background, that way most outfits and colors should work really well. We will set up for pictures in the R.S. room, painting frames in the primary room, and then we'll see if we can get the toys pulled out in the nursery just for some added play time. (Maybe bring some of your own just in case.) I think it should work out really well to have everything separated this way so we don't have little paint-fingers running around, and the kids taking the pictures won't be as distracted.

Like Kara announced on Sunday, I will have the frame, plenty of paints and brushes, so don't worry about bringing those. Also, bring $2 just to cover the cost of the frame and the printing. I am bringing acrylic craft paints, which do stain clothes, so be sure to bring something for your kids to paint in that you're not too worried about. :)

It should be a fun day, so be sure to come and if you'd like to invite friends, please do! I think I bought plenty of frames, and we can always go get more if we need. Thanks, and please email or call me if you have any questions! (rburnham7@cox.net / 616-2852)

Playgroup tomorrow?

Hey everyone. Are we doing the pics tomorrow? If we are do we need to bring a frame or paint with us?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

story time at the library

hey everyone: spring valley library has story time on weds at 2pm and tues at 10:30. i'm going tomorrow (wed) if anyone wants to join us. it's just down on jones. i know it's in the middle of naps...but i'll just put ellie down later. it's nice to change a schedule up every now and then. also...i have heard that it's maybe not the nicest, but who cares. they'll read stories, do music time, and do a craft. great for kids. if anyone wants to go--i'll see you there wed at 2pm.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Free Movies

I put the link for the free kids' movies under "Our Favorite Places" on the right side of this page. The boys and I will probably be going all summer. (Thanks for the info, Christi)

Anybody interested???

So I know this doesn't have anything to do with playgroup, but I am hoping people are checking this and will let me know if they are interested in doing another bow-making party. A couple of us got together a while back and made some during the day. If any of you know my little girl, Reagan, you know I can't get much done with her, so I was going to see if anyone wanted to do it in the evening one night. I was thinking maybe one night next week. If you would want to email me your address and I will send out an e-vite to everyone that is interested. Even if you don't have girls, they make good gifts, and even just a fun night out with the girls. My email is christigraham@yahoo.com. Talk to you guys later!