Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Playgroup this Week

Hey guys. So we have swimming at Lamplight this Wednesday and No playgroup due to 4th of July this Friday. Please leave a comment so Shea will know who to keep an eye out for! Thanks Shea for opening it up.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Update for Playgroup

I just talked to Pump It Up and here are the details:
  • Everyone must wear socks.
  • $7.00 per kid Under 2 is free unless it is the only kid you bring.
  • If we have 6 kids or more we each get $1.o0 off.
  • Open gym is from 9:30-1.
  • No Food or Drink
I was thinking that we could meet at 10 and then people could play as long as they want. If that time doesn't work let me know.
So far I have Kara (1 kid) Lauren (3 kids?), and me (1 kid)
****  Update again*** 

I (Kara) have a punch card that we can all use for $5 per kid.  So, if you just want to bring $5 and meet me there, you can punch my card.  
Also, if you need directions, cause it's a little tricky to find, just take Decatur to Russell, make a right, then make another right on Valley View and then left on Sunset.  It's a purple building on the left.  I will try to be there around 10:00.  

Monday, June 22, 2009

Playgroup this Week

Hey guys! So this week we are going to Pump It Up on Wednesday at 10. If you can let me know ASAP if you are planning on attending, I am going to see if I can get us a group rate, if there are enough of us who want to go. Usually it is about 6.00 for kids over 1 or 2, I can't remember! I have a message out to them so there will be more details coming. On Friday we will be swimming at Lamplight and Shea will be opening the pool. Shea if you are reading this can you give the cross streets and gate code if we need one :) Also let us know if you are planning on going swimming so Shea doesn't end up sitting by herself! Thanks guys.
Sorry if this post is a little spacey, I just got back from out of town and trying to gets lots done :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

4th Of July Party at Eckersley's

Jen Eckersley is having her annual 4th of July party again!!!! Last year was so much fun. They open their backyard and pool to everyone. It is an open house kind of thing from 9 in the morning untill fireworks in the evening. People come and go as needed, for example come swim in the morning go home for naps come back for cheesy fireworks in the evening. They provide hotdogs and hamburgers ALL DAY. Last year people just brought chips or a side and what ever fireworks they had purchased and we lit them off in the street. She even played patirotic music and passed out Red Vines. It was a blast. Come and play on the 4th. Call her if you have a question, even if you don't think she knows who you are, she does. 804-5379. It's not BYU fireworks, its better.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flip-Flop Day at TSC

Hey! So, I almost forgot to post this, but tomorrow if you wear flip flops to a Tropical Smoothie you get a free smoothie! Most of you probably already know, but I just thought I'd share anyway. They're giving away a free Jetty Punch (I think it's strawberry banana) to the first 500 customers wearing flip flops.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Playgroup this Week

Hey guys. Just a reminder this week for playgroup is:

Wednesday- Rave Motion Picture 10am- Madagascar 2
Friday- Swimming at the Courtyards Nicole will be opening it up!

If you guys can let us know if you are going to be going swimming that would be great, so Nicole will know who to look out for! Thanks guys.

P.S. Nicole I won't be there, I will be out of town :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playgroup on FRIDAY!

So, everyone who lives in the Courtyards is going to be out of town tomorrow, so Nicole asked me if I would open the pool for playgroup.   I would be happy to, if people are planning on coming.  Please respond and leave a comment if you plan on going tomorrow, so I will be motivated to get there by 10 to open the pool.  If no one wants to go, I won't waste my time going over there to sit there by myself all morning.  Thanks!  

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Playgroup for the week

Christi is out of town, so I thought I'd just take the initiative to tell you all that there are free movies at Rave Motion Picture (at Town Square) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 AM.  This Wed they are showing Kung Fu Panda and I think I'll be going.  (The link to the summer schedule of free movies is on the right sidebar.  They offer free family movies at Rave and Regal theaters all summer). The weather is not supposed to be the greatest and I'm not sure if anyone was planning on opening the pool at the Courtyards on Wed, so if any of you want to, join us for a movie.  On Friday I believe Nicole is planning on opening the Courtyards pool at 10:00 AM.  Hope to see you all there!  

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Swim Lessons

Their is a second session of swim lessons coming soon!
  • June 22-26
  • There will be a total of five lessons
  • cost is $65.00.
  • The classes will be held in the morning from 10am - about 12:30
  • Lessons will be held at Janel Bunkers home.
For more information please email Melinda Anderson at: yellowbug80@hotmail.com

Monday, June 1, 2009

Playgroup this Week

For Playgroup this week :

June 3, Wednesday- Splash Park at Mountain's Edge 10 am.
June 5, Friday- Courtyads Pool at 10 am Alexis is opening the pool. I don't what the exact address would be, but it is on Warm Springs!

I won't be at either of these because I am out of town, but if you want to leave a note if you are going to be there, it maybe nice for others to know who to look out for! Thanks Alexis for opening the pool!